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Sexual Wellness

Sexual health is an integral part of your overall wellness as you age. Countless scientific studies have shown the many benefits of a healthy and active love-life including; living longer, obtaining greater success in business, a greater well-being and of course a happier and longer lasting relationship.

Dr. Rodriguez has created and combined a unique set of medical protocols to elevate patients to their optimum state of health.  The systems have been fine tuned for athletes, executives, celebrities and performers who challenge themselves daily to achieve their ultimate levels of performance.  Dr. Rodriguez has extensive experience in the area of stem cell therapy and has incorporated its use directly into the RegenerWave protocol to treat male sexual dysfunction.  Research has demonstrated that with transplantation, adipose stem cells can exert a paracrine effect on surrounding penile tissues and differentiate into smooth muscle, endothelium, and neurons, positively complimenting the RegenerWave sound wave pulse therapy.

Dr. Rodriguez ties in the medical science with superb patient interactions while fine tuning each custom evaluation through extensive medical research and applied innovation.