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We offer a variety of services including Health Tests, DNA Analysis, Drug Testing, Fingerprinting and HHA, CPR, BLS, ACLS Classes in Pembroke Park, Florida. We provide high quality service at affordable pricing along with a cutting edge laboratory; we are located in Pembroke Park, Florida.

FBI U.S. Departmental Order 556-73 (Personal Record Review)

  • Attaining FBI Criminal History Reports in compliance with U.S. Department of Justice Order 556-73, under the regulatory authority of 28CFR16.30-34.

  • Personal Review, Correct, or Challenge

  • Court-Related Purposes

  • Live, Work, or Travel in Foreign Country

  • Adopt A Child

  • Attorney Review


Went to get my CPR renewal, nurse was very friendly and knowledgeable! I was pleased to see that this lab offers a ton of service and exams to uninsured people like me . I recommend to my friends

Cris D.

LiveScanLabs offers unbeatable service to get fingerprinting and background check done easy and quick. I called them and was able to schedule appointment for next day in my office in Boca Raton. Val was professional, pleasant, and quick. It took him 20 minutes and everything was taken care of. I highly recommend LiveScanLabs!

Kristina G.

Had blood drawn by RN Galina the owner. Very pleasant experience. Usually I have to have it done on my hand. But not this time. Very capable and personable professional. Do not hesitate to use his company for all your blood draws

Ekaterina G.

For 4 years, LiveScan Labs has provided exceptional service to Miami Rescue Mission and Broward Outreach Centers. They handle all our pre-employment background screening and drug testing, making it as hassle-free as possible. Very efficient service and they are very accommodating. Thank you LiveScan Lab 🙂

Vel M.

I had very successful weight loss experience. Galina is extremely helpful and sweet. She invests a lot of time in her client’s achievements and will hold your hand all the way. You will be very pleased with the results, trust me. At the same time she will hold you accountable for all the “forbidden” stuff you might consider eating while on the program, lol. I also did some energy shots and got some shakes that they sell, both were great.

Natalia B.

Extremely professional and ethical and always on time.

Juan G.

For all needs labs by professional people. Were precise. Knowledgeable. Less expensive as other places. Friendly staff and very clean premises. They know your needs and can address it immediately. Would recommend to people.

I A.

I had a great experience today at Live Scan Labs. The staff was extremely professional and friendly. The entire visit took less than 10 minutes. I am very happy with their services and highly recommend.

Bridget G.

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