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Everything a Notary Must Know about an Apostille

Everything a Notary Must Know about an Apostille According to the Hague Conference on Private International Law, “An apostille is a certificate that authenticates the origin of a public document.” In order for the apostille to be used, both the issuing and receiving countries must be party to the Apostille Convention. Additional information about the […]

Compliance with New Federal EKRA Law Creates Uncertainties in How Clinical Laboratories Pay Commissions to Their Sales Teams

Vague language and last-minute additions to the federal SUPPORT Act of 2018 with its included EKRA provisions mean big changes to how clinical laboratories can legally compensate sales professionals for referrals   Clinical laboratories may be at grave financial risk should they fail to properly comply with the Eliminating Kickbacks in Recovery Act of 2018 […]

Total Iron Binding Capacity /TIBC/

Total Iron Binding Capacity /TIBC/ An essential blood test has help indicate a presence of iron deficiency or iron overloading. A health care provider’s are frequently ordered Iron blood test along with Ferritin and Transferrin. Those two tests are so essential to calculate the transferrin saturation. In iron deficiency the iron level becomes low, TIBC […]


There is no safe level of lead in blood. Health Effect of Lead Poisoning: * Impaired Cognitive Ability * Renal Damage * Nervous System/behavioral changes * Anemia, anorexia, tremor * Hearing, speech and developmental milestone A blood test can show how much of the element in your bloodstream. Time to testing yourself and your child. […]

Not all drug addicts smoke pod

  Not all drug addicts smoke pot Of course many do, but marijuana accounts for only 43% of all positive drug tests. 57% are other substances. Drug use in the workplace poses a serious risk to employee safety and productivity. Employers are obligated to provide a safe and healthy environment for employees. We provide quick […]

Apple Cider

An apple cider vinegar contains acids and bacterial cultures that are good for digestive system, and preventing UTI’s, and lowering cholesterol and glucose levels, and it can be aid to weight loss.

Drug Tests

  Drug testing unrelated to the reporting of a work-related injury or illness. Drug testing under a state workers’ compensation law. Drug testing under other federal law, such as a U.S. Department of Transportation rule. Drug testing to evaluate the root cause of a workplace incident that harmed or could have harmed employees. If the […]


. The LiveScanLabs provides the essential Toxic & Essential Elements Profile contains an extended a Line up of toxic metals. This Profile provides important information about your health conditional which can assist to a doctor with an early diagnosis. For instance, Nickel (Ni) is essential element which is required extremely low amounts, and excess of […]