Total Iron Binding Capacity /TIBC/

Total Iron Binding Capacity /TIBC/

An essential blood test has help indicate a presence of iron deficiency or iron overloading. A health care provider’s are frequently ordered Iron blood test along with Ferritin and Transferrin. Those two tests are so essential to calculate the transferrin saturation. In iron deficiency the iron level becomes low, TIBC is elevated, and transferrin saturation becomes too low. If the iron overloading, the iron level in blood becomes elevated, TIBC is low or normal, and transferrin saturation to increase.

Hormone Testing

Hormone Testing The Basics and Your Body

Almost all people around the ages of 30-40 begin to experience hormone imbalance. Over our lifetime, we are exposed to environmental and dietary toxins, which contribute to the natural decline of hormones as we age. These Hormones are responsible for a whole host of activity which help keep the body youthful as longevity and quality of life are the main goals. As a result of hormone imbalance you may be experiencing one or a combination of what have become known as the classic symptoms of aging:

  • Weight gain  – Mood swings  – Low Sex Drive  – Weight Gain  – Depression  – Fatigue –  Sexual Dysfunction  – Memory Loss  – Poor Sleeping  – General Fatigue

Lets take a quick look at the One Lab Hormone Panel which includes:

  • DHEA-S  – TSH  – FSH  – Estradiol – Progesterone  – T3 Free & Total   – T4 Free & Total
  • Testosterone Free & Total  – Homocysteine  – Prolactin

Why wait till things get worse come into ONE LAB for quick testing only 24-72 hours for your results. Hormone replacement isn’t a one-size-fits-all but a custom plan for your individual needs. Lets look at a quick overview of what these hormones do and why they are so important.


DHEA-S Dehydroepiandrosterone is a hormone produced by both men and women and deficiency can include: prolonged fatigue. poor concentration. a diminished sense of well-being.


TSH thyroid stimulating hormone is a pituitary hormone that stimulates the thyroid gland which stimulates the metabolism of almost every tissue in the body.

FSH Follicle-stimulating hormone is a gonadotropin and is synthesized and secreted by cells of the anterior pituitary gland and regulates the development growth, pubertal maturation, and the reproductive process.

Estradiol is used in menopausal women to help treat hot flashes and prevent osteoporosis. It also helps with low estrogen levels.

Progesterone has a variety of important functions in the body. It is also a crucial metabolic intermediate in the production of other endogenous steroids, including the sex hormones and the corticosteroids, and plays an important role in brain function as a neurosteroid.

T3/T4 thyroid hormones are hormones produced by the thyroid gland that are primarily responsible for regulation of metabolism.

Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone and an anabolic steroid. In males, Testosterone plays a important and primary role for reproductive tissues such as the testes and prostate along with secondary characteristics muscle and bone mass, growth of body hair. Testosterone also is involved in overall health and well-being, studies show it helps prevent osteoporosis with low levels causing bone loss.

Homocysteine is a naturally occurring amino acid found in blood plasma. High levels of homocysteine in the blood are believed to increase the chance of heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, and osteoporosis.

Prolactin is secreted from the pituitary gland in response to eating, mating, estrogen treatment, ovulation and nursing. Prolactin is secreted in pulses in between these events. Prolactin plays an essential role in metabolism, regulation of the immune system and pancreatic development.

Who needs estate planning?

Countless people make the mistake of believing they don’t need an estate plan. After all, only the extremely wealthy have an “estate”… right?

You might be surprised to learn that you have an estate—at least you do if you have:

  • investments,
  • a house,
  • a car, or
  • a savings account.

Don’t have any of those? How about personal possessions? If you have clothes on your back, you have an estate.

We all want to know that our wealth—whether that’s an investment account or a beloved collection of dog-eared books—will go to the right people when we’re gone.

At its most basic, that means having a will that tells your loved ones who should receive which possessions, and when they should receive them. This includes the classic stuff you think of in a will—“my book collection I leave to my brother, the avid reader; my investments, to my husband; my heirloom jewelry, to my daughters” and so on.

But, there’s much more to an estate plan than just “who gets what.” Read more

Succession Planning for Your Family Business: Start Preparing Now!

Every owner of a closely-held family business wants to know the business will continue—even thrive—once they’re gone. A well run, well managed family business can provide for you and your loved ones long after you’ve stepped down from its operation. It can even support your family after you’re gone. Most owners I talk to expect that their business will continue long into the future.

The reality, though, is less encouraging. According to the Family Business Institute, only 30% of family businesses survive into the second generation—most often due to a failure in the succession planning process on the part of the business owner. Read more