Not all drug addicts smoke pot

Of course many do, but marijuana accounts for only 43% of all positive drug tests.

57% are other substances. Drug use in the workplace poses a serious risk to employee safety and productivity.

Employers are obligated to provide a safe and healthy environment for employees.

We provide quick results for drug and alcohol testing. No one gets you results faster.


EtG Alcohol Testing

Ethyl glucuronide (EtG) is a direct metabolite of ethanol alcohol and can be used to detect recent alcohol consumption,

even after the ethanol alcohol is no longer measurable (usually up to 80 hours after ethanol alcohol has been metabolized by the body).

This urine test is used for folks who are required to abstain from alcohol.



                                   Hair Alcohol Testing


A hair alcohol test can detect alcohol consumption for a 90 day period.

The longer the hair sample, the larger the detection window (up to a year, in certain cases).